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stem programs in atlanta  STEM ADVOCATE LLC

Hello I'm
Mrs. April Renae Brown


Determined to 'pay it forward' for underserved students to make their STEM dreams a reality!


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, MBA

  • 15+ years of Fortune 500 Corporate Experience                                                                  (The Procter & Gamble Company, The Coca-Cola Company)

  • 5 Patents Granted in Packaging Innovation & Sustainability, 7 patents filed

  • Research & Development Expertise (10+ years)

  • Packaging Commercialization Expertise

  • Supply Chain Engineering & Manufacturing Experience

  • Material Science & Technology Expertise, Plastics engineering

  • Global Packaging Research & Development & Commercialization Expertise            (Experience leading North America, Asia, Latin America, & European Teams)

  • Micro-fluidics & Nano-technology Experience

  • Data analytics & insights (reporting Quality, Safety, and Environment global metrics)


The birth of STEM ADVOCATE LLC started with the founder’s natural willingness and desire to BE THE CATALYST in helping underserved students’ STEM-related dreams become a reality. 


Dedicating intimate time with students from similar background (underserved, minority, first generation college, rural area) to help them navigate ‘how’ to arrive at a STEM-related undergraduate major (based on their skills, competencies, and interest) along with colleges/universities that would be vested in their success are critical components of graduating from college in STEM.  It TRULY MATTERS based on my experience! 


The creation of STEM ADVOCATE LLC came from simply wanting to leverage the gifts instilled in me (love for STEM, love for teaching, love for kids) and my work experiences in STEM to BE an example that they WILL BEAT THE ODDS!  BEING an example for minorities as someone they can relate to, who’s thrived in challenges similar to theirs, while continuing to thrive at Fortune 500 companies is not by luck!  They innately have what it takes in them (skills, resilience, innovative mindset, etc.), they simply need the right support network truly vested in their long-term success to extract it out. 


And that’s what STEM ADVOCATE LLC is all about, enabling minority students to understand they can write their own narrative!  AND TOGETHER, WE WILL! 



Promote, expose, and guide underserved students into the breadth of possibilities in STEM, creating a sustainable society for tomorrow. 


Facilitate the transformation of underserved student’s practical skills, interests, and passions into STEM careers to increase the number of minority STEM professionals, while providing aspiring young talent the latitude of enjoying a dynamic, innovative career for themselves, their families, and our communities (helping to close the minority wealth gap)

Current Primary Target Audience

Upward Bound (TRIO Programs), Students (K-12th grade) in public schools, open to serving all schools and students 

Current Target Locations

Southeast (GA, AL, FL, MS, TN, KY, MD, NC, SC, VA, WVA) 

Note: Virtual options open globally. U.S. locations in person or virtual.
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